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When you quoted my last post you left out the next two sentences.

In the book ‘Running with the Buffaloes’ it is used during some track workouts. Its only mentioned in passing so its not clear how the coach expected it to be applied.

I cleary stated where the information came from and that it was simply mentioned in passing within that source. I did not imply that it was a core element of his (or anyones) coaching system.

btw: Also based on the account in this book I would not be suprised if the CU runners aren’t wearing gps watchs soon. In almost every chapter the runners know their exact split for every mile of every training run. They know this to the fraction of a second which implies they are wearing a runners watch. This also implies that someone must be measuring and marking all these routes.

This is not like the hrm, only refered to once or twice in the book, the exact splits are available for practically every workout. In fact in one chapter (page 179) they even have a footnote explaining the missing split info for ‘Valenti’ due to a ‘watch problem’. The information is present for the other dozen runners listed on that page.

How much easier to press ‘start’ on the gps watch and ‘stop’ at the end of workout. The coach and runner gets the split information without the runner needing to keep an eye out for the mile markers or remembering to press the ‘split’ button.

It would be fair to argue that the information is not needed and should not be collected because it has ‘no value’. But if it is being collected because someone feels the need to know it then its tough to argue against a device that does the collecting without the athlete participating. Seems the runner could be more focused on the workout if he didn’t need to keep an eye out for the mile markers.