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I assume you are quoting my statement because you can demonstrate it to be false? Does it even matter if its true or false. Even if you have evidence that it is false today it was true for part of 1 season 5 years ago.

Besides, why do you even care. It clear you do not, and will not, use a hrm in your training. Thats fine; knock yourself out.

The posters who suggested using a hrm to improve my training were being helpful. The article by Hadd has no problem recomending the use of a hrm; its discussed on almost every page. From what I can tell Hadd seems to be well respected by many and is often quoted in forums.

The Hadd article, and Dan and Ryans posts are suggesting things I can do to improve my training. The only advice you offer is ‘train more and you will improve’. Thats hardly advice. Thats a given. How do I train more and get the most from the time invested (my original question focused on the long run).

Dan and others are offering useful information that I might integrate into my training this summer. You only seem to be interested in discrediting hrm training. How does that help me (or anyone) improve?

If your only advice to me is not to use a hrm in training then you can stop offering it. I am well aware that you don’t use these devices. In your words from another thread, these gadgets would not be used by a ‘serious runner’.