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RandyS wrote:
I assume you are quoting my statement because you can demonstrate it to be false?

You got it. In asking this shall I, in turn, assume that you are confessing to an inablity to demonstrate it to be true?

Does it even matter if its true or false[?] Even if you have evidence that it is false today it was true for part of 1 season 5 years ago.

Yeah, it does matter, because that is not what you had claimed, and your original claim is a mistruth. Are you sure that you are unable to figure out what is wrong with spreading falsehoods? Would you want to gain the reputation of being a liar?

Besides, why do you even care[?] It [is] clear you do not, and will not, use [an] hrm in your training.

I care because the result is broadcasting untrue statements about Wetmore, someone for whose work I have great respect. Why you would figure that the application of HRM use to me would have any bearing at all is an utter mystery. The only view of mine that your untrue statement violates is that lying is wrong.

Unfortunately, the rest was a waste of time and space, as I have actually expressed no views at all in this thread as to the efficacy of how you train and race, and how you train and race actually does not bother me in the least and I have stated this previously in no uncertain terms. Do whatever you feel like, more power to you, knock yourself out, it has zero bearing on me whatsoever — in short, I have not bothered to offer any advice to you here, so I cannot figure out why you have imagined that I might have. Also, if you are going to try to quote me, then at least get it straight — not just what you have wrongly believed that I have stated — or do not bother. It would be unfortunate if making untrue statements were to become a habit. I merely take issue when I notice oblivious and potentially slighting statements regarding something or someone — in this case, Wetmore and the job he has done — which I believe is due sincere respect.