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Gotcha, DD.

Zeke wrote:
I’m glad you learned your lesson, magpie.

If only you would learn yours. I can certainly understand, though – there was a phase in the past where I gladly associated with the likes of LetUsRun in all its toothless, feckless inanity, too. 😛

And to clear up one more misconception:

RandyS wrote:
Also based on the account in this book I would not be suprised if the CU runners [are] wearing gps [watches] soon. In almost every chapter the runners know their exact split for every mile of every training run. They know this to the fraction of a second which implies they are wearing a runners watch. This also implies that someone must be measuring and marking all these routes.

I consider this to be complete bunk, too. Quote/give page numbers that clearly exhibit this. I will go look it up and if I am wrong then I will have no problem at all admitting my error.