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danm wrote:
Ryan you have a decent understanding of the training principles but I doubt you have an understanding of the scientific reasons for what exactly is happening to your body just by feel. It is fine to develop your own plan by piecing together a training formula from what you feel is right about many different training philosophies. But to me that is like taking the longest route to the goal. Why not take the shortest route and know precisely where you are fitness-wise during every phase? To me, the longest route is absurd.

Believe whatever you want. Anyone who knows me well will tell you that I’ve done more studying of the science of running than most people out there. However, I also know when to separate science and lab results from real world experience. It’s nice to know why things work but it’s even more important to know what works. Based on a lot of research of what the best of the best do, including personally talking/running with some, there is no reason to believe HRM training works any better than running by feel and by pace.