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Two different styles? Sure sounds like it.

”To be a good runner takes a long-term investment and we live in a country of instant gratification. It takes eight years to get a distance runner at the level they need to be.” –Kieth Hanson, Hanson Distance Project

“If we compete against some of the naturally talented athletes that we’re going up against, we felt we had to train athletes smarter than we ever have,” Salazar said. “There’s no doubt that the African athletes, particularly, are the greatest distance runners in the world, and to compete against them we feel we’ve got to train as smartly as possible – basically not leave any stone unturned in trying to develop athletes.”

– – Alberto Salazar, Nike Oregon Project referring to new technology.

I don’t know what style is better but since I’ve been doing some reading on both projects, it seems that the Hanson Project is making more progress.

I foud it interesting that the article that I posted a link to states that Dan Browne was produced by the Oregon Project. I don’t quite see it that way. From what I gather is that Browne already had great ability and he just continued to progress that ability and would have regardless if he would have joined the OP or not.

Anyhow, I’m finding this topic very interesting. I’m doing more research on them too.