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Jeff wrote:
I foud it interesting that the article that I posted a link to states that Dan Browne was produced by the Oregon Project. I don’t quite see it that way. From what I gather is that Browne already had great ability and he just continued to progress that ability and would have regardless if he would have joined the OP or not.

This is precisely the point. When Browne joined the group, he was already a very good runner with a ton of potential. Anyone who doesn’t realize this doesn’t follow running that well. All he has done since joining the group is continue the progress that one would have expected to see him make before joining the group. Meanwhile, the other four (technically five) athletes have fallen short of what one would expect of them before joining the group. Sounds like a ringing endorsement for high tech training, doesn’t it? Meanwhile, the low tech Hansons group is showing that persistence and hard training pays off, regardless of how many high tech devices you employ.