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I downloaded and printed out the Hadd document you referred to. It has a wealth of useful information but alas with the marthon less than 3 weeks away its too late to apply to my current race.

I plan to study this information and determine how to fit it into the training for my next race.

As far as todays long run is concerned; things did not go as planned.

I had decided to run the entire distance about 20 seconds slower than marathon pace. Normally I start out much slower and pick up the pace over the second half. That usually results in an average pace for the run of 8:10 or so. This time I wanted to run even splits of 8:20 for the entire distance which is closer to how I plan to run the race (even splits).

My pace was good but I ran into ‘bodily function’ issues. I had already gone past the 1/2 way point and was retracing my route heading home. About mile 13.5 I all of a sudden ‘NEEDED’ an outhouse bad. Luckily by changing my route and heading to a main road I found an open bagel store with a bathroom.

After almost a 5 minute break I resumed the run but within a couple of miles had the ‘urge’ all over again. This time I decided to take the direct route towards home and I managed to make it before needing another ‘break’. That was 18 miles and after that stop I decided to call it a day.

So I ran 8:20 pace for 18 miles but the ‘stops’ are scary. Last year something like this happened at Philly. Until last November all my marathons were small races of less than 1000 runners.

In October I ran Mystic as a goal race. Shortly after the race I decided that with 4 weeks to recover I could run another marathon for the ‘experience’ of doing a large city race.

So as I was beginning training for my May 2nd race, I ran Philly as a long training run to begin building my base. During that race, and for the first time ever in a race, or even in training, I NEEDED the porta-potties. Those stops cost me about 15 minutes but since the race was just for the fun I didn’t lose any sleep over it.

Something like this happening during a goal race, after working 5 months to prepare, would be pretty devastating.

Being as compulsive as I am I probably will tack those last 6 miles onto my Sunday 9 mile MP run. I figure I’ll do a 15, the last 9 at MP and the first 6 about 30 seconds slower.

As I said, my endurance was probably not going to change based on this one run but its disappointing none the less.