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danm wrote:
A perfect, stubborn, typical reply and reason why Americans are so lousy at the marathon. They think they know best. It takes being coached by a non-American to see the light and the error of our ways. No excuses.

Couldn’t have said it better. As evidence of what I mean, try to find where some of the best coaches in the world today, such as Volker Wagner, Gabriele Rosa, or Jos Hermenes strap HRMs on to their athletes. It seems as though Americans are stuck focusing on science while the rest of the world is just training hard and making Americans look slow.

danm wrote:
Lydiard is not training anyone anymore.

No but he does a lot of advising and speaking and I have never once seen any sign of him supporting HRM usage.

danm wrote:
It is not the only way, but a great way to know what to expect come race day. Show me one other method that can claim that.

Just ask Pski. He’ll tell you what you’re going to run to the minute. 😉 Heck, I have never not known just what I was capable of and I have never strapped anything to my chest.