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Randy, that is a lot of good information about you and there is a lot to say about it. One thing I think you should be aware of is the current pace you are running does have some impact regarding all the rules about long and slow.

I will go back to the philosophy of maximizing your aerobic conditioning. The 9:30 pace feels difficult to you because the effort to run that pace is slightly different in what your pysiological needs are for that pace vs 8 min pace.

If I were your coach I would strap a heart rate monitor on you and set you out on a flat course for 1 to 1:15 hour run at 9:30 pace and have you tell me the HR for each mile. IF you can stay within 5-7 beats for one hour you can forget about the 9:30 pace.

Now, the rule for running 60-90 seconds slower than your marathon pace does not exactly apply to an 8 min per mile marathoner. A 6 minute pacer, yes. The reason you die off in the last few miles is that you run out of fuel. If you can train your body to get more miles per gallon of fuel you can last longer. So even though these ideas seem to contradict each other, the fat as fuel is the most important thing to know as a marathoner.

Your sole purpose is to teach your body to run at the optimum pace for the marathon whereby you use your supply of fuel up right as you cross the line.

More later…