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runnerdude wrote:

When I saw “mauls” I picture a mountain lion on a bike jumping off and attacking a runner.

so, what would you call it, incidental contact? Please re-read the description of Tamara’s (an elite runner BTW) injuries & level of trauma. I think they constitute the equivalent of a mauling by a pit bull or a wild animal like a mountain lion.

in addition to the dictionary definition, words have connotations. When I see maul I think of animal attacks. Maybe that is because I live in the West where that happens too often. The other thing that comes to mind is in boxing where one fighter “mauls” another.

In this case, the runner was struck by the cyclist accidently. I infer a mauling to have a certain level of intent behind it. A mauling to me would have been if the cyclist had gotten off the bike after striking the woman and then started beating on her.

Semantics maybe, but words do paint a picture.