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Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to make it myself. I suspect the presentation I saw in 2001, as it was at a marathon expo, was more geared toward runners than this would be anyway. While I think any runner could take something from this, I also think runners would get even more from one geared toward runners, which is what I got to go to.

Hearing him describe that Olympic victory was incredible. With some 10k races on the track as well as a couple of races on cinder tracks behind me, his vivid description of what he was experiencing during the race left me at a place where I could close my eyes and visualize in very realistic detail exactly what the race was like for him. It was an incredible experience to hear him describe that. He also had some very strong words about what he views as the ills of today’s society and how they are affecting not just running but the rest of society. I’m guessing his presentation will be different as it is aimed at a different audience but I have no doubt that running will come up, the description of that race will most likely be included, and the underlying message will almost surely still be the same.