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I would agree with Peter that not getting too carried away in the first mile is important, although you should still expect to hear a fast split because you are working with a gradual downhill mile. To not take advantage of that downhill at all would be as big of a mistake as to blast out too fast.

After that, the most difficult part that I find is in the third mile, keeping it up until I get to that screaming downhill Peter mentions. Once you’re to the bottom of the hill, you’re at the 3 mile mark and that’s when I really let the racing begin. The 4 mile mark is roughly when you pass in front of the war memorial. I can’t really think of a good marker for a half mile to go, I just kind of know where it is, but there are a fair number of turns in there so I would think there should be some marker at a turn or something. I know it was recently down but there should be a course map on the Al’s Run site that should help you figure out where that would be.