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I put in 2:22 you’ll see the numbers. This is the best calculator I’ve seen out there .

But more then that talk with the guys who have been there. Spoke with another dude today Dave Walters he ran 2:18 in 1984 ran against Pfitz when Pfitz won the trials. He gave me the genetic talk that Dan and I also had.

There is a wall based on your genetics that you will hit, more then the desire , dedication , amount of miles run. Especially * note especially at the level we are talking about 2:22 or sub 2:20 is alot different then running 2:30 or even 2:25. If it was easy everybody could do it. Think of how many people are running the miles Chad has . How come he ran 2:22 and they didn’t. Did he try harder , run more miles, more dedicated. What do you think Chad? I feel the genetics part is huge at this level. Dan’s right how come some people run 70-90 miles a week consistently for years and can’t break 18 or 19 for that matter in a 5k. Are they doing base year round, are they not dedicated enough, not tough enough for anaerobic burning.

Cool thing about this is, it’s America so you can do what you want and try your whole life , ain’t nobody gonna stop you! Somebody will do it! The more that try the better chances we have of finding that Genetic stud who has all the tools.

Makes me think? There’s probably some young stud playing ” Play station” 5-6 hours a day that could bust a sub 2:20 if he spent the time running instead of watching or playing TV all Day.

Don King