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Congrats, Ryan. You’re an inspiration.

Adam (adimal) and I PR’ed Sunday, too. We stayed together until about mile 21 where he fell off our locked in pace of 7:35/mile. With a goal to finish in 3:20, I never let up. I lost sight of the mile markers after 22 but kept my pace setters in sight. That final hill before the corner where the finish line comes into view just about did me in, but I sprinted in leaving nothing on the course.

I wound up with a 3:19:08 — a more than 10 minute improvement on previous best run at Grandma’s in June. Adam finished in 3:22:15, seven minutes faster than Grandma’s.

Given that outcome, I’ve got no complaints about the weather or anything else. I’m just thrilled to have lopped off a chunks of time like this with the knowledge it won’t be the last chunk.