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Kevin, take this as the complete speculation that it is since I obviously didn’t see any of the leaders’ races but I noticed a trend with the splits of runners I know when I looked them up. Almost across the board, people were holding even splits through 30-35k before losing ground in that final 7k especially. Judging by the splits, it didn’t seem that they got out too hard like I did so I wonder if we got spoiled with perfect conditions and only an occasional light headwind up to 35k. In those last 5 miles or so, though, I did notice more of a headwind. It was far from significant but I wonder if the timing of it, being late in the race, combined with not having to deal with any kind of negative conditions up to that took the edge off of some top level performances people were having.

Of course, I’m not using that as an excuse for my own dropping off at the end. As far as I’m concerned, that wouldn’t have happened had I done a better job of controlling myself at the start and at a few other points when I felt good and went with it instead of conserving for later in the race.

Kevin, good run. Do I smell a sub-3 right around the corner?

Peter, I most definitely let myself get pulled out, even after being warned about it and after I thought I pounded it into my head that I have to take it easy in those first few miles. I’m happy with how well I checked myself when I saw a split but I’m upset with myself for allowing that split to happen. That said, as you pointed out, I did gut out a 5 minute PR off a tactically average at best race and Lisa got a picture of me near the finish that I’ll share later that shows the line “gut out” the 2:40 was the right one to use. It would have been so easy to say screw this and jog in but I refused to do anything less than the best I could given the mistakes I made earlier in the morning.

It’s good to hear your recovery is going well. After 8+ months of hard training, I’ll probably take a little more down time but I do have to say that, except for my quads and hip flexors, I’m feeling surprisingly good right now.