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Welcome, Para! This is a really good site full of knowledgable, supportive runners. I consider myself to be an above average runner, yet I learn a lot by reading posts here – meaning I realize I still have a lot to learn.

As for what distance is suitable for you, no one can answer that but you. I’d suggest some trial and error i.e. get out and run a variety of races of varying distances. 5K, 5M, 10k can all be done with very similar training. 10m, 20K and 1/2 marathon training can be accomplished with workouts very similar to the shorter distances, but can be enhanced with longer long runs and a bit more weekly mileage. As for the marathon, that requires a good solid base and probably more miles still. If you get a chance, look at things like Ryans Random Thoughts under Training on the left side of the Webpage and just experiment. It sounds like you have the two-three main ingredients to do well; the desire, the ability to ask questions, and the willingness to do the work (put in the miles). After that, it’s all just fine-tuning and working towards your goals. For me, that’s running for the rest of my life, and taking a serious stab at some fast times before my body starts to slow down. Good luck and welcome again!