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Thank you both for the insights. I guess I will use the times I run in the races I run this year and try to put them on a Daniels table. I dont know that I believe that if i enjoy an event its the right one for me necessarily. Right now I feel like around 2-3 miles I’m really striking a point I’m strong at but I strongly suspect that has more to do with my training. I’m still on base miles plus tempo work so without aerobic I really cant run below that. I dont know if I have the speed for quicker distance or not, but I guess at this age there aren’t as many track meets so 5k is pretty much the minimum. I do plan to run 1-2 races at the 2 mile distance this year locally. I think I’ll try to plot some of these times on Daniel’s VDOT table and see what that reveals at seasons end. Thanks.

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