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Chris did a fine job explaining my sentiments on gator during and after a workout. When it comes to mid-race nutrition, my belief is that both an electrolyte and simple carbohydrate source is very important to maintain optimal function. The logic there is simple enough. The issue is adaptation. Chris and I went to a race this summer (that Zeke apparently was at as well) feeling at the top of our game. The 5K course was a perfectly flat loop, regarded as one of the fastest courses in our area. 20 minutes before the race, we both downed 6oz of gator with an ounce of concentrated electrolytes. We both posted the worst times of the summer (relative). I personnally believe this is a matter of adaptation. “Experts” always recommend not trying anything new prior to a race and I think we learned this the hard way. We can train our bodies not only to run faster, but also accept nutritional loads prior to and during a race.

To maximize all variables, i plan on conditioning my body to accept the gator-conc. electrolyte conconction throughout my marathon training on the horizon.