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Coaching has always intrigued me. Unfortunately, I believe strongly in the face to face portion of a coach/athlete relationship. I believe it takes an exceptional coach in order to do as good of a job in an online setting as a simply good coach can do with personal interaction and observation of the athlete. I haven’t proven my coaching abilities to be that great (yet, maybe some day) so I am uncomfortable accepting requests for an online coaching gig.

If you happen to live in the Waukesha area and would be interested in joining me for a run or two per week as well as at least occasional sit down discussions, I’d be willing to do what I can pro bono. I don’t know if I could help you “be a somebody” but I could offer advice and observations, which is what coaching is largely about. If you’re not in the Waukesha area, I would suggest finding someone with experience in running and/or coaching in your area.