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Did anyone see the article and pics on the last RW about the guy from Nebraska that qualified for the OT? Did you see where he was running? I thought they took pictures of the same place I run in. Looks just like myk area. I run mainly on gravel roads and old dirt section lines between corn fields and wheat fields. There is a paved road/hwy out in front of our house that I do run on once in a while. We don’t have many trees here in SD so there isn’t any sort of wind break either. So when is 16 below zero the runs can be pretty hellish if you’re under dressed.

Once in a while I get into town to run on the streets and I know what you are talking about. When it snows in town I do the same thing you do. I run toward the traffic. There isn’t ever a whole lot of traffic so if I see a car coming I’ll check behind me and run over to the other lane. I do this on the Hwy out in front of the house too. This way you don’t have to worry about ever being too close to the vehicle. I just keep switching shoulders depending on what way the car (here in SD more than likely a pickup) is coming. Again, there isn’t ever a whole lot of traffic. If there was constant traffic, I understand that this would be imposslible.