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Man, is cross fun. Yes, I would say Madison West is the team to beat. However, as ferris pointed out, anyone is beatable. I think this is even more true in cross-country than on the track. All it takes is one guy to have an off day and suddenly the unbeatable team is vulnerable. In most meets, someone has a bad day and he finishes a few places back, even if he struggled to a time 20-30 seconds worse than he was capable of. At state, even a few seconds can add up to quite a few places.

As for the Badgers, I’ve been impressed with them this year. I am still picking them as the team to beat not just at the Big 10 meet but at the NCAA meet. They have quite the team, I just hope they can stay healthy and not have any setbacks. It’s too bad the women aren’t where they were not that long ago.