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Mad West is for sure the team to beat…all they have to do is not lose it. What I mean by that is, not think that everyone will just roll over and play dead for them. I was on a team in the mid 90’s that was BY FAR the best team in the state, and we got 5th at the state meet, due to some illness and just a bad bad day. That team was awsome, we were ranked in the top 20 in the nation and I was our 5th runner with a 16:31 at Parksides course. But, anyone can be beaten on any day…..but I still say Mad West takes it.

As for Gasper, I’ve never seen him run, but I know he’s raced a lot this season, hopefully he’s still fresh. Another problem kids like that run into, aside from overtraining, is training for Footlocker, or whatever it is called now, instead of State. Sometimes young runner, heck, all runners, can get a bit big for their britches and someone will sneak up on ’em.

State is so cool because you see so much different stuff. I helped coach a girl who won the individual D1 title because she just ran perfect, and there were 4 or 5 girls that were better than her, but they all INSISTED on running in front because thats just what they were used to. They ended up beating each other up and Becca just picked up the pieces and the win. Cool stuff.