Re: Depth of 2006 Al’s Run vs. 2005



1st of all, let me say congrats to Team and all who ran on Saturday! I'm sorry I wasn't able to participate, but you guys did a great job in defending the title!! Way to go…

2nd, comparing 2006 with the results from 2005, the times were eerily similar. Looking at depth of field, not necessarily just the very top finishers, there were these results:

2005-compared- 2006  
28:23  (25th)  28:00
29:14  (50th)  29:12
30:22  (75th)  30:23
31:18 (100th) 31:27

62 (sub 30:00)  64
7 (FM top 100)  6

So it was a bit faster at the front, but overall, darn close. My 29:08 for 47th last year would have gotten me 49th this year!

Yes Ryan, we need to have a get together to admire all of the Team 'Hardware'. Or at the very least, you could post a picture here sometime 😉