Re: easy



With your race (marathon, I presume) only 3 weeks away, I think 3-4 miles at MP should be a piece of cake. The Hadd article that was posted a couple of weeks ago said if you decreased your pace by 12-15 seconds per mile you should be able to go twice the distance. Example (I know 1 mile to 5K is not twice the distance)…

1 mile = 5:30

5K = 5:45

10K = 6:00

half = 6:15

full = 6:30

So if 3-4 miles at 6:30 is hard (using this example), maybe you’re running more at a tempo pace, rather than MP. If so, you probably need to add at least 15-20 seconds per mile to your MP. If this is your first marathon, you definitely want to error on the side of going out “too slow”. What do you mean by “no race history”? You’ve never raced at all before? And you’re doing a marathon?

Note: Hadd also used this exercise to determine if someone is lacking aerobic conditioning. For example, the paces for my most recent races are…

5k = 5:55

10k = 6:17 (soft)

half = 6:20

full = 6:47

This indicates that things are looking okay through the half, however my aerobic conditioning isn’t strong enough when it comes to the marathon. I think this is more common than not.