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That’s interesting…because that’s just about what I did/do. I prefer the Pfitz method for Mary’s over Daniels, but I refer to the pace charts in JD’s book. IMO Daniels focus is a bit too much on speed for the Mary, the ML runs Pfitz has may be the key to it all. JD seems to neglect that. Also, take a look at JD’s 1/2 Mary plan/philosophy, he pretty much says “train for a 10k, and try to hang in there for 7 more”….maybe he just isn’t as interested in the longer stuff, thats cool. I’d rather he skip over it than put a half ass thoery ion his book, though.

Don’t get me wrong, JD is flippin brilliant, but I feel he neglects to say just how insane the Mary is, and how hard you have to train for it. I love it how Pfitz comes out right away and says, if you want to simply finish this a Mary, this isn’t the book for you. Not sure JD wowuld do that…but hey, you gotta sell to the masses, right? 😉

sometimes, I got the feeling that JD buys into YASSO 800’s theory….(predicting MAry times with speed workouts, or mile repeats)…and I can’t get on board with that at all……but we’ve had that discussion, so I won’t go there, because it could take a while.

All in all, when putting together a Mary plan, I will still mix the 2….but pretty much just use the scientifics of JD’s, and the grit of Pfitz’s.