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Thanks for the support, I do appreciate it! One thing I did miss in my report was that I did manage to get in another mile AFTER my half time. My split was 9:08 and my 13th mile was 8:01. So that’s not bad at all. I felt like I was doing a cool down jog, which is exactly what I was doing. But I felt no ambition to continue further than the 1 1/2 home. And Rita, no I wasn’t hoping it was closer. Without getting that nasty hamstring cramp and the fact I was getting cold I could have easily run another 5 miles at that pace. Of course that’s what I think, not what I actually did.

About my BQ next fall. Having run in the relay the last three [3] years [1:51 / 1:48 / 1:39] I’ve certainly shown improvement toward preparing myself to begin a marathon training schedule for Boston but having not run a marathon since 2000 I’m concerned about my confidence at that distance. Each year I’ve run the relay I can’t help but think I’m a “lesser runner” than those beside me going the full distance AND that I’m glad I’m only doing the half. Of course, I’ve only trained for the half and running faster than if I were running twice as far, but what impact [if any] will this play in my BQ race next year?

I’m guessing that once I get into the meat of the program – long runs and MP runs – that I’ll feel more confident about myself. But I thinking that perhaps I should do a low key marathon this spring just to get my feet wet. I’ll be running through the winter for the 1st time since 1995-96 and think I should add a few long runs and then do a marathon at a very comfortable pace. Any thoughts on my plan?