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What is a good base for a sub three? Also, if I build a base at a slow fart pace how can I build speed even in a year’s time to a sub three? Plus the fast miles are only every other day starting at 1 mile then 2 then 3 so on and so forth only increasing by 1 mile every two weeks. I do see some of your point being that 6 mm would be a 2:40:00 marathon. My idea is to trick my body (and mind) into thinking that 6 mm pace is normal therefore longer runs at a 6:30 or so pace would feel easy. I need a 6.86 mm to achieve my goal (or 6:52). So most lower distances at much greater speed should equal better chance at making the goal aat a more reasonable pace.

Any way, I am going to give this a try and keep you all up to date. Remember, for the first two weeks of running, only every other day will include a single mile at a 6 m/m pace. The other days will be more of a 7-8 m/m pace.