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Mark, I know sometimes running really sucks like that, but hopefully you’ll come through all right. Sorry about the injury. As for thinking of ourselves as elite…that is just a thought I use when I feel down because KB would have lapped me so many times last week. Its nice to know that, even though there are many many people out there who are better then me, there are many many more that dont even bother to try. I’m all for pushing to get better and taking inspiration from those who set the bar higher then we ever thought to, but sometimes you have to remember that just getting out there and going for it is a victory in itself. Its a poor substitute for a 12:49 5K, but for most of us we’ll have to take what we can get (for now).

I’m glad this post is taking off and glad to hear I’m not the only one whos struggling to get better, though I wish all of you more success in the future then it seems you are experiencing now. Heal up everyone and keep running (except you Mark, you stop and heal first)!