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Hey, I’m right with you on the training. I finally got a 50 mile week in last week. My winter has absolutely sucked, one set-back after another. It’s all changing now, though. Time to get serious.

Unfortunately for you, your friend is technically a better marathoner than you at the moment. You know that will change, though.

It is important to keep everything in perspective at times. While I tend to focus on looking the other way, people think I’m some kind of hot shot because I can win some low-key local race, I keep pointing out that I am nowhere in the league of some runners out there. There is a wide range of runners. While I think maybe one or two of us here qualify as fast, we are all relatively fast. Don’t just think about those people in the fitness center. Think about the 95% of Americans for whom walking from the couch to the fridge is an aerobic workout. Simply by being a runner, you are a relative elite in this country. Maybe not an elite runner but very fit compared to most Americans.