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I think Randy brought up two very important issues. First, it’s important to practice whatever you are going to do in training. Second, people place too much importance on fringe things like fueling during the race while overlooking the big thing. Not to discount the benefit of getting the fueling right or to suggest this is what’s happening here but they are good points to keep in mind.

As for an addition, I have never made it a secret that I believe the best way to figure out what works is to watch what the elites do. Here’s a summary. First off, I have never seen a guy running sub-2:12 or a woman running sub-2:30 eat anything. Second, it seems rare that they skip an aid station. They at least grab a cup and down it, especially early in the race. Maybe they skip one or two aid stations in the first couple of miles since they are presumably topped off when starting and maybe they skip one or two late in the race since they are near finishing. Otherwise, they seem to take as much fluids as reasonably possible.