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Ryan… as I read you last post I was thinking of an article I read about an elite runner (name escapes me) that found that he worked best with a training “week” of nine days… that is to say he found that one day off every nine gave him enough time to fit all the hard work in… I think we are (to some extent) slaves to the calendar… if only because most of us have families and jobs that are also calendar bound…

the issue I have is that occasionally after a day off I might have trouble the next day focusing on getting out the door for my run and if I let it go to long I start thinking about all the other things I should be doing, and if I give in to that and miss another day I start getting very negative… luckily I recognize this problem and my husband knows I get ever more grouchy with more than two days off in a row and together we conspire to get me out the door even if it’s just to ‘take the dog around the block’ which means I then bring him home and do a bunch more miles… I often wonder if people who get into the streak metality are doing it because they won’t run ever again if they take a day off…