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]My main idea is this, I really hate it when someone uses genetics as there excuse


Your attitude is awesome! I think your taking it that we are saying you can’t do it . You might be able to , you’ll never know unless you try.

But if you think everybody is equal and it’s just who outworks the other, your in for a rude awakening. I will agree that hardwork will overcome talent. You can outwork others and beat them if they have more talent then you. We have all been around people who don’t have to work that hard to be better than average, and then we have also been around people who work their ass off just to be as good or a little better than the other.

I feel There are a lot more underachievers than overachievers. So yes hardwork will pay off.

Explain to me why if two people are doing the same amount of workload, same mental toughness, ETC. ETC. Why does one run faster Then another. They both found their event for their body, they both work hard with no limits attitude , But one wins or runs faster then the other.

Do you think Cullpepper who ran Sub 2:10 at Chicago Can beat Tergat or Kanooch. If he doesn’t, is it becuase Cullpepper didn’t want it bad enough or work hard enough. I don’t feel the guy or gal who works the hardest always wins, My example would be Radcliffe and Dnreba why does Radcliffe all of a sudden smoke all the women including Catherine. Is she just outworking all of them , Like I said before go tell all the others they are being outworked and see what they say especially at that level. He or she might win their personal battle or personal best. But there are some things you can’t control —-stuff your born with . That doesn’t mean you can’t try or push yourself to do YOUR best. But when that limit is reached maybe for you 2:10, then don’t beat yourself up saying your not working hard enough.