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Tyrone wrote:
But i have seen claims that the 50/50 slowtwitch/fastwitch type that typically run middle distance- 10ks will one day be the marathoners that break 2:00 or better..

Very common misconception. I remember the talk about what Geb was going to do to the marathon when he moved up. A lot of people viewed marathoners as second tier runners on the world class level and Geb was not just first tier, he was the best of the best. He was going to shatter the world record, win big over the best competition, going to do incredible things that would take the marathon to a whole new level. We all know none of that happened. He found out that, while he was the best of the best in the 10k, that did not automatically translate to a great marathon.

Tyrone wrote:
So i think that if your not built for a certain race you just have to train a lot more and a lot longer to get really good at it.

If only it were that simple. As someone who never, not even in college, broke 60 in the 400, do you believe I could really be a good 400 meter runner if I trained a lot more and a lot longer? It simply isn’t going to happen, no matter what I do.

Tyrone wrote:
So what im saying is although genetics may predispose us to certain race distances, they dont decide weither or not you can be the best at any race distance…

I would say they don’t decide whether you can be very good at distances of 5k and up but they do decide whether you can be the best.

Tyrone wrote:
My main idea is this, I really hate it when someone uses genetics as there excuse.. why not just train more/more intense, or change something.. if your weak, or slow for basic speed, do hill work/sprint work. If you are a 44 second 400m guy, then maintain that and start running long distance runs, or if you have been and dont see any improvement either run longer, run doubles (more miles) or do more AT stuff ( Progression, LT/AT intervals, Tempo ect)

And even if you hit a plateau for a long time, as most runners do, why give up or just accept this as your ultimate time..

Try some over compensation training or just wait it out and enjoy running rather than prs for that little while.

While I love your attitude here and I’m sure most people here know how much I agree with this attitude, I think you’re taking it a step too far. I agree that many people, probably nearly all, underestimate their abilities and claim that they are not capable of something they very likely are very capable of because of this mystical “talent” thing. However, there is some reason out there that only a handful of runners ever set world records and only a relative handful of those who train as hard as their bodies will allow run within 95% of those world records. At some point, there are variables that are out of our control. While I think it’s a shame that so many people blame those variables before they come into play, I think we have to be careful that we don’t discount those variables totally while, at the same time, not letting our understanding that those variables exist scare us away from trying to find the limits of our individual performance potentials.