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I agree with everyone that young Tyrone has the PERFECT ATTITTUDE!! He also has a base of knowledge at a young age where you say, GO GET EM, and the SKY may truly be the limits.

Tyrone, the problem with a lot of us middle age wonders on this site is not only genetics, but where and when we came from. I’ll use myslef as an example. Grew up with no coached sports in my backround, or ignorant if you will. Was always considered SLOW. I found this to be true as even if it meant getting my ass whipped, I couldn’t outrun the kid about to try and kick my ass. Or trying to outrun someone chasing me after I broke their car window, and getting caught. Hey, this is the ultimate in motivation to run hard and FAST. I always got caught, spent playground life of pitching, first base, QB and shooting 3’s (worth 2 back then). Add in the fact I was raised with two chain smoking parents!

Next, join the Army and PR in the 2 mile in 12:20. I thought I was FLYING!! This came at the end of Basic at age 20. Man, what I’d give to have a little knowledge back then. I knew nothing, didn’t even know what a race was or that they were out there.

Fast forward, Age 33, 205 lbs, out of shape, heading for high blood pressure and a premature death. Begin to just run.

In one year, ran a marathon for kicks on a long run of 10 miles. remember racing my friend Jamie Walz that summer , breaking 70 minutes for 10 miles, just us. We were elated! Marathon, 3:20.19, cruising in like it was a walk in the park. From there I start to read, study and learn about RUNNING at age 35.

At 40 I have clocked times I never thought possible. Despite work, two kids, a wife, a fix it up house. These are not excuse my friend, it’s just LIFE. If I made running my life, I’m sure I could get better than the 2:50 marathon, 17:57 5K, 3:57 50k, 1:16.52 20k, 29:36 5 mi, etc. But now at 41, you just KNOW, where you can and can’t go and accept it to a certain degree.

The guy on this site that has that Talent you speak of is Kooch. But he just can’t seem to have that window of luck to keep him from getting sick or injured during training in order to capitalize on it. That one element and he would throw up some monster times or could have. Now he’s hitting or is 43 and another clock is in play.

A great comparison here may be DD an myself training for Lakefront. We did the same program. I may have ran comparably harder in training if you saw us at the end of our mile repeats. We started long runs in the middle of the week at 3:00 am, (together). Race day in great conditons saw us finish 5 minutes apart (of course DD won!). Training with DD MADE me a 2:50 marathoner, and his 2:45 was just his beginning.

Now not only does DD have a running backround in life, I’m convinced even on our level he has some genetics working too. I see how the guy is put together also. Legs like machines built in the hills of PA, thick from the waist down, really a power runner if therre ever was one. Now with all that, he’s chasing KOLB, STEFANOVIC, and the ULTRA WORLD!

Every battle out there is waged for different reasons. No doubt very few have the circumstances that would let them explore their absolute best. It’s no surprise Lance Armstrong is divorced, the surprise is how long that marriage lasted at all.

I confess I do stop and wonder sometimes, “What could have been?” But I keep that short and stay satisfied with all the blessings running have provided without it turning into a curse.

I’m done, PSKI