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Now, several hours since I finished running, your advice makes good sense. After 11 months without one I need a day off. No matter what I do on Monday I will take Sunday off.

Two weeks ago I posted about doing a 20 mile lsd without stopping, even for water. I was expecting improvements but perhaps the wind and the fact that I have been focused on hill training the past 3 weeks means I need to cut back on the long runs. I have another 3 weeks of hills and then I move to intervals for the last 6 weeks leading to the race.

The hill training has gone very well. I run 6 miles of 400m or 800m hill repeats, of 4% to 9% grade, once or twice each week and with each passing week it gets easier.

Maybe I need to do long runs at a slower pace while my focus is on hills and intervals. I know that many runners cut back on milage during the last 10 weeks or so leading to the race but I am afraid that if I don’t continue to run 20+ lsd’s I will lower my endurance.

I’ll take Sunday off and decide on Monday what kind of run it will be. If I feel good after the rest day I may repeat the long run, perhaps without paying as much attention to the pace, or I may follow your advice and just go for an easy run.