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Today things felt good again. I had not made up my mind when I went to sleep but when I got up I could’nt resist getting out for a run.

I decided to resume my schedule but reverse the Sun and Mon runs so that I could just run ‘comfortably’ today. Did a nice 6 miles, did’nt even check my watch until I returned. Felt great, even with weather conditions which were about the same as yesterday, my pace was back to normal compared to the perceived effert. On Monday, I’ll take advantage of a day off (from work) to do my 9 mile mp while the sun is still shining (usually I have to run weekdays in the dark, at least until spring).

I also decided to ‘switch’ weeks 11 and 10 in my schedule. Week 10 was scheduled to be a cut-back long run of 16. Perhaps after last weeks tough long run I needed a cut-back sooner. So, hopefully in better conditions, I will get a ‘second chance’ to run that 20 next weekend.

Its funny, but even with winds of 20-25 mph, and gusting higher, it did’nt bother me today. Yet, the same conditions yesterday felt horrible. Perhaps knowing I would be home in about 45 minutes verses 2.5 hours makes it ‘easier’ mentally. I know mental ‘toughness’ is one of my weak points as a runner.