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Run, I’m in the same place and question the value of some of the workouts too. What does Pfitz have to say? The overriding principal is to go in rested so I guess don’t do anything you don’t feel you can’t recover from.

A friend of mine calls it the idiot zone. i.e., close enough to the race where the overriding instruction is no longer “train hard,” it’s “don’t do anything idiotic” — Sometimes the taper will make you feel like a hero and you’ll go out and hammer not thinking your compromising anything. Speaking from experience, don’t be an idiot.

Something to think about for NJ. You will most definitely have to contend with wind. For your sake I hope its a tail wind but regardless, It may help to factor it into your strategy. The first four miles go north, then your south for around 16 or 17 before heading back north. If the wind is blowing south, and I hope it is, tuck behind someone for the first 4.