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Scattershot wrote:
I don’t think anyone here is interested in what their 40 yard dash time is, but it’s something to consider for the kick at the end of a race.

Don’t forget that there is much more to a kick, though. According to Arthur Lydiard in Running the Lydiard Way:

Peter Snell was basically the slowest runner in the 800-meter final at both the Rome and Tokyo Olympic Games. But he had the stamina to carry him through the heats and then sprint the last 100 meters of the finals faster than any of his rivals. By then they were too tired to use their superior speed. Snell was trained to be capable of running a fine marathon, but I doubt that his rivals could. This was the advantage that enabled him to succeed; it’s also the advantage you can give yourself.

A lot of people think the kick is all about speed. I have been able to outkick people who have far superior speed because I was able to run the kick out of them while not running what kick I had out of myself.