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Mon: 8 easy

Tue: 8 progression

Wed: 16 easy

Thu: 8 progression

Fri: 16 easy

Sat: 8 steady

Sun: 5 & 8 steady

Total: 77 miles

Last week was a cutback week. Things didn’t go well. Most of the mileage was around 7:50-8:00 pace. Didn’t feel the motivation to run faster. I hope it was just a rough spot caused by the warmer weather.

I had fun on Sundays run. I got up late for my scheduled 13 and before I left my wife woke up. It was her birthday so I asked her what she wanted to do. She said she wanted to spend the day at the beach and she wanted to leave in an hour.

I almost didn’t run at all but figured I could squeeze in 5 miles and a shower before leaving. While dressing for the beach it ocured to me that the swim suit was close enough to running shorts to server the same purpose.

So, I packed my running shoes and watch just in case an oppurtinty came up. The beach has a parkway that runs parrallel to the shoreline for about 6 miles. My wife and kids were doing find wihout me so I did the balance of my morning run.

Mentally the change in venue made a big difference. It was hot so my pace wasn’t any faster but I still felt good. So did the ocean water after returning.

It felt so good that I made plans with the family to return Sunday (I have a 24 mile long run this week and can’t imagine a nicer place to run it than the beachs nice paved parkway, with comfortable wide grass shoulders).

The week ended on a high note but myu confidence is at a low. I hope I get some speed back in my legs this week. I may run on the mill tonight; just to do a workout in a cooler setting, to see how that effects me.