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How’s the knee? Was that you that posted on If so, it looks like dpre gave you some good advice. My knee has been bothering me lately too. I took 2 days off the 3rd and 4th, ran 6 on the 5th. Made it 1/2 mile on the 6th before turning around. Decided I needed more time off. After 3 more days off, I ran 5 on Saturday. The knee felt funny but not painful. Yesterday I made it 16. My knee still feels a little strange, but even that comes and goes. I’ve been icing and taking 2-3 ibuprophen a day. I looked into glucosimine (sp) but didn’t want to shell out $30 for a months supply just yet. I also looked into the cho-pat straps, but again didn’t want to spent any $ just yet. Keep me posted on your treatment.