Re: i beg to differ…


Doc Cole
Zeke wrote:
I think most of us here know that Ryan would like to qualify for the Oly Trials and we also know that he’s run 3 marathons, none of which turned out very well.

i beg to differ. he ran two marathons that turned out horrible but were wonderful learning experiences. the other marathon was actually a spectacular performance preceded by six months of spectacular preparation. neither the race nor the preparation were perfect but they were much more near perfection than most people will ever be. if it were not for factors that were completely out of his control you would be talking about two miserable performances and one outstanding performance. do not blame him for factors that were out of his control. instead look at how he handled those factors with the wisdom of a veteran. that performance alone tells me that ryan has what it takes above the shoulders to run under 2:22 as long as he is physically prepared for the task. what he needs is a lot of training to develop what it takes below the shoulders. he can gain racing experience along the way but doing too much would sacrifice the real key to accomplishing his goal – getting in the training required to build the fitness needed to run 2:22:00 or faster.