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Ed 1 wrote:
Last night I wanted to quit pretty early – it was a tough run – I gutted it out and I feel fine today.

You just made my point. There’s no need to “gut out” base training runs.

Ed 1 wrote:
I always believed in a “natural” pace that a person is almost always capable of (up to a certain distance of course).

I’m not sure I understand how you are using the term “natural pace”. My natural pace that I’m always capable of right now, given good conditions, is in the 6:30-7:00 range. Except when extremely tired, I’m almost uncomfortable at 8:00 pace or slower. However, when I was starting up from a relatively low point this past winter, it was more in the 7:30 range and sometimes back to 8:00 or slower. Had I taken a period of months completely off of running, 8:00 pace would have been a pipe dream. Sure, I get out there now and feel like 7:00 or 7:30 pace is something I could run forever but that’s because I have taken the time to build up to it. I didn’t just jump into it and think I’d pound myself into that shape.

Ed 1 wrote:
Tonight I will run outdoors for about 6 miles hopefully at a slower pace in order to recover some from last night. I’ll have to wear a watch so as to keep the pace slower.

Or you could just keep it easy. It shouldn’t be too hard to discover an easy pace, just make it feel easy.

Ed 1 wrote:
It felt odd to hold that pace for those 8 miles – I never thought that I would be able to hold on.

Yet you don’t think you were running too hard?

Ed 1 wrote:
This is another reason I get so down about my inability to get and stay consistent – I think that I could have been a very good runner if I started when I was young and able to be consistent.

There are people who get down on themselves and there are people who follow through with their desires.

Ed 1 wrote:
I guess I should be clear that last night’s 8 @ 8:00 was not easy – it was tough but not all out, nor would I say hard. I was not spent at the end – tired yes but not spent.

To me, this statement just does not mesh with “I never thought I would be able to hold on” or “I gutted it out”.

Ed 1 wrote:
Also, for my first marathon I trained every run to be at very nearly an 8:00 pace – the schedule called for no other training other than runs and LSD runs.

So that’s what you’re going to do again this time? Run everything at 8:00 pace and hope you pound yourself in shape? There’s a saying about doing the same thing and expecting different results. Just because it got you through a 3:30 doesn’t mean anything. Maybe you were capable of 3:20 or 3:10 on a better training plan.

Ed 1 wrote:
It seems that that schedule was more about being able to finish than finish well.

Exactly. And what is your current training about?