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RUN – you know me well. I am gonna go for it. I will not try to run the entire distance- I am stupid but not that stupid. Ran 6 last night at a nice 8:00 pace and it felt great. I plan on an easy 7 or so tonight and a short day Saturday (5). For Sunday I want to try a long run of 10 or 11 and see how that feels. I am confident that if I slow the pace to an 8:30 or so I can run that distance fairly easily. But we’ll see.

Just to be clear about it I am not going to race the marathon but run it. To me there is a big difference between running and racing. To race it would be to go at a pace that has me ready to collapse at the end – to run it would be to finish moderately comfortable.

Thanks all for the advice and the welcome back. It is appreciated.

Ryan – what is the latest word on Al’s?