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Keymaster is only your #3 link??? 😉

Seriously, it looks like you have a good start. can actually trace its roots back to a personal webpage on the student webpages at UW-Stout. Over time, it grew. That’s basically the best, maybe only, way that those of us without a ton of resources have to grow a website. Build the best site you can, never stop trying to improve it, submit to search engines on a regular basis, and come up with some content that will draw return visitors (one of my original reasons for the forums).

I registered the URL over 4.5 years ago after really stepping up my focus on my personal webpage a little over 5 years ago. For a long time, was on the outskirts of the internet running world. I am sure that, relatively speaking, it’s still on the outskirts but it has been gradually moving toward the mainstream. Really, all that concerns me is building content that I believe in, doing the best I can to get the word out about the content, then letting people decide if they like it or not. That’s what I believe anyone who wants to express their views without selling out is best off doing.