I don’t believe mileage itself does it for the ultra 50 miler. The big key for me anyways was long long runs and doing them back to back. I’m currently working on this, but work and court screwed me this week. Call me when you can, work number 524 3929.

Check this out, Last week I scuppernonged a 20 miler in 3:07 and followed it up the next day with 14 milers on the roads. Day off before and after these long efforts.

This week I did 20 miles at scuppernong in 3:07 again. Today I wanted another 20 but had court, so I’ll do 4X1 mile in6:30”s and another 20 tomorrow morning before taking off.

I will peak out two weeks where I do back to back 4.5 hour runs followed by a 3-3:30 run the next day, then take a break week before the two Ice age build ups, culminating with the 35 miler.

My last two weeks ended up being 55 and 62 miles. This week will probalby hit about 62 again and then the two big back to backs will probably hit 75 each of only two weeks.

If interested in this madness, call me up. Hey I can’t tell you why it works, but George Parrott is the guy who came up with this stuff and I guess he was OK PSKI