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It’s interesting how different we are in what we take away from a racing event, what we consider important. I guess it reflects what a diversified group this is.

The small local races provide me with an opportunity to reconnect with other runners from the area, I see the same faces at most of the events and there is mutual support all around. Not having many close to me who run it’s great to talk with people who share the same interest.

My favorite small race is the Old Colonel’s Run in Iola Wi. $5.00 entrance fee that includes all the post race chili you can eat. Even better, it’s age and weight handicapped. I saw some of you roll your eyes, nothing is sacred. 😉

I race against the clock not other people so racing is always competitive for me, big or small. If my $5.00 goes to help pay for the new aquatic center then it works out to everyone’s advantage.