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Ed 1 wrote:
Do we need to be these players guardian angles? I do not know. I guess that I do not care what happens to people who make those types of decisions. I am working on changing that way of thinking mainly because of the fervor that you all had in stopping me from trying to train at those 6 minute miles. You cared that a decision I was making would hurt me – I should return that favor to others in the sporting world.

I do care about the records and all that, built by clean athletes – take for example Barry Bonds versus Hank Arron. Hank Arron never grew magically in size over an off season like Barry did. Barry and other players refuse to allow testing (I think we all know why). When Barry breaks the record it will not be true in my opinion.

While the MLB testing is lame, Bonds was just tested for steroids.

Bonds will always have a question mark about his recent performances. The real shame is that he was on his way to being considered a great player even before his connection to BALCO. Even when he was a Pirate he was a “5 tool player”. Of course, except in the playoffs!!!! GO BRAVES