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Tyrone wrote:
Other than these somewhat big things.. can something else actually cause you not to be able to be the best?

Physiologically, yes. However, most are things that people assume they have but haven’t bothered to find out if they do or not. Many people assume they have things that limit them from this time or that place and use that as an excuse to not try. In the end, you don’t know if you can do something or not unless you actually try.

Tyrone wrote:
I mean anyone with a body that can run and get there marathons down to 2:30 dont have to be worried about genetics kicking in

Here’s another angle for you. Nearly any male without severe physiological impediments, if he begins training in the right way at early enough of an age can run 2:30 or faster. This is the angle I would take for this. I don’t think anyone who runs 2:30 has no limits. I’d go from another angle and say there are very few young males who have limiting factors keeping them from running 2:30.

Woody wrote:
I think there are alot more runners running 100-120 MPW then people think, with the right attitude.

Woody, I have to disagree here. I think there are a lot fewer runners doing 100-120 mpw, as well as getting in all the other variables needed for optimal race performance (remember, mileage is only one factor), than you think.

Double wrote:
everyone is more than capable of accomplishing goals way beyond their dreams. Some runners will strive so far that they will beat runners who have a better predisposition for the sport genetically. That’s the beauty of hard work.

Yes! Almost nobody in the world knows their full potential in distance running. Most are selling themselves far short. They claim they can’t run sub-3, so why bother working hard to break 3:30? What they don’t know is maybe they are capable of breaking 2:30 if they would do what it takes.