Re: international version



I was thinking the other day about how the US distance runners could close the gap on distance runners from Africans, Japanese, Spanish, etc. What if we started producing international versions of Runner’s World and shipping them to these countries?

Speaking of content, here are some articles I came across from ’80-81…

Masters of the mile: How did the UK come to rule track’s glamour event?

The resurrection of Al Salazar

Running your first marathon

Running your first sub-3 hour marathon

Running your best marathon

Interval Training by Dellinger (third in a series of instrucive articles)

The Total Runner by Dellinger (fourth in a series of instrucive articles)

(I’m still looking for the first and second parts of the series)

Runner’s World Exclusive interviews with people like Rodgers, Scott, Lydiard, etc.

They used to also do a articles on famous people that ran, like actors, politicians, non-running athletes.